Attn: Agency Leadership

A Simple, Budget Friendly Big Idea!

Our industry mentor, who earned big bucks, said "If I had this system's technology, I would have been far more successful."

Reasons we should become partners in your agency's success:

  • Retention is actionable; happening consistently and effectively for busy people.
  • ROI will be terrific. Virtually no budget impact to execute steps that are known to work.
  • You are providing agents a new tool that will be appreciated.
  • Your top-tier agents will do top-tier stuff and become even more successful.
  • You have added a recruiting tool that reflects your progressive approach to the future.
  • Your newbies have a foundational tool that addresses the vital role of relationship-building in an insanely competitive marketplace. 

Big picture reasons to add InsuraMessage now:

  • The system supports modules you can add later, for example Introduction to High-Potential "Target Ideal Clients," (business or personal) prospected one-by-one; new agent launch; Xdate follow-up.
  • The system can be a personal leadership tool: Recruiting, Welcome-Onboard, Appreciation, Motivation, Culture Building, etc.
  • We can provide sales training help in the Trusted Advisor sales strategy; a genuine game-changer for those who get it. 

And it can all happen smoothly with no meaningful budget impact.

CONTACT US, worth exploring guaranteed!