Action that Sets the Tone for a Lifetime

Overly Aggressive Salespeople Open a Door...

Many prospective insurance buyers assume they will face a pressure-based sales process something like an aggressive car-guy.

If the agent sets the right tone and delivers on the promise, the pathway to Trusted Advisor status is available, along with the fruits of retention that follow. 

Here are example steps 

  • At start of relationship, pre-announce your goal of becoming clients' resource for life. 
  • During pre-presentation contacts, Include major focus on understanding client goals.
  • During the presentation, tie product recommendations to client's goals
  • Be clear that you would rather not make the sale than sell the wrong product
  • ...because your goal is a long term relationship that's all about earning and maintaining Trusted Advisor status.
  • AFTER SALE, launch an immediate retention campaign (our Turnkey is a great start).
  • Stay in personal, low key contact during the three months of the campaign.
  • Stay in person-to-person contact via auto-campaigns during the year, example: birthday, holiday.
  • Make periodic review a fundamental discipline in the way you do business.

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Campaign Details

We call this program Turnkey Retention, because it can be turned on and operating in less than a week. Customizing content is an option that takes a bit longer.