Levels of Consultative Selling

For agents seeking a higher level than traditional policy seller, there are actionable stages

Ethical Sales Focus:  Mindset changes from "pitch and close" to  demonstrated interest in a positive client experience through the presentation and onboard phase. Tactics may include improved focus on client goals during the qualifying process,, greater awareness of prospect comfort through the sales process and active participation in "welcome and onboard."

Trusted Resource: Performance standard elevates from sales person to solution provider. Focus is knowledge of client’s goals, and ability to find and adapt products to meet specific goals. Depth and duration of relationship expands because client believes your recommendations are solid. Confidence in your recommendations can translate into referrals to client's acquaintances.

Trusted Advisor: The performance standard is proactive participation as a defacto member of the client’s staff—a seat at the table regarding future plans.  Requirements are specific knowledge of the client’s business that supports constructive ideas in planning and problem solving. 

Trusted Advisor status is earned gradually, so the three relationship stages may be stepping stones in cultivating individual clients. Professionally, they represent a changing mindset and increasingly client-centered performance. With each stage, likelihood of renewals, rounding and referrals increases.   MORE

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