What is the Big Benefit Here?

  • At strategy level, you make retention actionable, swiftly, affordably. It's a subject that is talked about constantly but rarely addressed consistently.
  • For the agent, the system becomes America's lowest paid administrative assistant, automatically handling new client welcome campaigns, birthdays, periodic review reminders and whatever else is asked of it.
  • Example of efficiency: three minutes to enter a new client, attach to campaign(s):  deliver high-impact touches for a year. 
  • In the era of commoditization, we help agents demonstrate their value to clients.
  • The mindset and action steps of retention make agents more effective salespeople, beginning with improved prospect qualification.
  • Auto-communication that supplements agent contact leads naturally to renewals, rounding and referrals.

Our agency believes in hand-written notes, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

No quarrel (except that many people under 40 have never seen a hand-written note). Because marketplace noise is incredible, any prospect or client touch that is working should continue.  Multiple kinds of touches are  vital as repetition. InsuraMessage effectiveness is battle tested. Most importantly, it happens, consistently, for busy people.

We're using agency software, how can this connect?

It probably won't. Big, complex software systems are the reason that important programs get sidetracked. Ours is a very simple side system that gets things done.

How difficult is installation and learning curve?

Truly, stunningly simple. We've worked hard to take the pain out.

How does payment work?

Your online account includes a positive cash balance. Purchase of products and services are charged to the account as used. You replenish as needed, prompted by our auto-notification.

What about privacy?

InsuraMessage makes no use, commercial or internal, of your contact information, stored securely in the cloud. Our usages do not require sensitive information, social security, etc.