InsuraMessage Turnkey Launch

Single Agent Sign-Up - 48 hour launch!

- Utilize form below to forward logo, photo and client spreadsheet (fields shown below)

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Agency Sign-Up

- We agree on pricing and the amount of deposit at launch via brief phone call

- You provide a digital version of your logo and a photo for each agent along with an

- Agent Spreadsheet with  this information for each agent

First name, Last Name, Email, Company, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Website, Phone(s)

                Click for a downloadable agent spreadsheet

- Client spreadsheet for each agent's selected clients (or prospects)

         Fields (*=optional):

First name, Last name , Company*, Address, City, State Zip, Email*, Phone(s)*, Birthday*, 

Periodic review date*, Relationship status code*   (C=client, P=prospect, F=family member)

                     Click for a downloadable client (contacts) spreadsheet

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