Results / Career Satisfaction

Let's Start with the High-Success Agent Role

The highly successful agent will continue to add new clients; it's in the DNA, right? But many of those new clients will come from referrals.

The agent has earned Trusted Advisor status, meaning that competition is frozen out:

  • Protection against the disrupters now invading the industry, and a 
  • Platform from which to explain that lowest price is rarely the right avenue to effective insurance coverage.

There will be a steady stream of periodic reviews that provide opportunities to discuss changing needs and new products. These sessions can also lead directly to referrals. 

In personal lines, there is opportunity to develop cross-generational relationships. 

In business lines there is opportunity to be viewed as "the defensive coordinator," aware of future plans, protecting successes, avoiding the pain of "finding a way to lose." There are high-success agents that are appointed to corporate boards.

As discussed in our Trusted Advisor section, the role is both mindset and action. The mindset is "partner in my client's success" rather than insurance salesperson; dialing in more closely to client goals and challenges, communicating commitment to client success at both the business and personal level.

The purpose of this Turnkey Retention program is to provide tools that bring immediate energy to your retention efforts, and become the foundation on which you build constantly increasing revenue.

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