Earning Trusted Advisor Status

Understanding the Gold Standard in Relationship Selling

The term "trusted advisor" is now common in sales and marketing material. It is common because of widespread awareness that legitimate trusted advisors make the big bucks. It is rarely used correctly because of misunderstanding of its profit-making power and the personal cost of achieving that power.

  • "Trust" cannot be self-declared.  It is the earned assessment of the person doing the trusting.
  • The seed of trust can be planted early in a relationship, but time and experience are needed for full flower.
  • In the field of sales, trust requires that the prospect believes that the sales person is sincerely committed to understanding and helping achieve the prospect's goals.
  • ...there can be no suspicion that the sales person's hope of making the sale would be prioritized higher than the prospect's positive outcome.
  • ...there can be no discomfort created by a prospect sensing manipulation: false flattery, transparent trial closes, a cycle of overcoming objections and attempting to close, etc.
  • There is clear, ongoing evidence of sincere interest in understanding the prospect's goals, concerns and fears. 
  • AFTER THE SALE, there is clear, compelling evidence by word and deed that the relationship has only just begun and that a long-term win-win relationship is the sales person's sincere goal.

When Trusted Advisor status is achieved, the sale person is a defacto member of the client's team:

  • The TA is expected to learn key fundamentals of the client's business,
  •       ...and to be abreast of marketplace changes that could affect the client. 
  • Selection of new insurance products is a collaborative process in which the TA actively suggests solutions that fit the client's needs.
  • The TA is included in future planning and is expected to actively participate in analysis and solutions.
  • Although not a requirement, many TA-client relationships become friendships.

The TA has frozen out competition, enjoys automatic renewals, enjoys cross-sell opportunity by the nature of the role and a stream of referrals by the nature of the relationship.


     if interested in our active role in helping build a Trusted Advisor mindset in your sales team.


*The Enfront Trusted Advisor Sales Strategy was developed by Bill Corbin in collaboration with fellow Harvard MBA, Charlie Green, pioneering author of the original Trusted Advisor books and related educational programs.

      Green’s work focuses on building trust-based client relationships in fields such as legal and accounting.

     Corbin has applied the concept to fields in which traditional selling is common, but a long-term trust-based relationship is a realistic possibility. 

     The concept is now part of Priority Group’s sales team support infrastructure via acquisition of the Enfront system.